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Fishing holidays in South West Rocks

Weather in South West Rocks

In South West Rocks, it’s fishing holiday season all year round. Our temperate climate brings us plenty of warm, sunny days, beautiful landscapes and bountiful catches. You can enjoy your time on the water in the comfort of our vessel, the MV Trifecta, without rugging up like you’re embarking on a polar expedition.

Custom fishing adventures

South West Rocks is the ideal launch point for all sorts of adventures. Estuary fishing on the Maclay River, sports fishing offshore and deep sea fishing over the South Pacific continental shelf are our favourites. There’s plenty to do on land, too, with easy access to the rocks to drop a line, local historical landmarks to visit and plenty of local shops and restaurants.

With such a broad range of environments to explore, we have adventure packages for everyone. In the right season, you could catch:

Ask about our range of packages, tailored for the available season and fish movements:

Whale watching

Whales can be spotted on their migration down the NSW coast from May to November. We’re now offering adventure packages to the Humpback Highway to catch a glimpse of majestic southern right or humpback whales.

Have a chat with our skipper Aaron to find out more.

Perfect for the new or casual angler

We take care of everything so you can enjoy the adventure. Our fishing adventures are family-friendly, and our skipper is always on hand to give advice. Aaron can bait hooks and give you tips on safely landing your fish, as well as identifying and sizing your catch. You won’t need a recreational fishing permit because our adventure license has you covered. We look after the records and reporting to contribute to the science that ensures our children and grandchildren can enjoy recreational fishing for years to come.

We'll clean your keepers

The fun bit is catching fish, not cleaning them. We’ll save you the mess and gut and gill fish for you. We encourage our anglers to take what they need and return the rest so we can continue to support healthy fish stocks and ecology.

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There’s a lot to enjoy in South West Rocks, and if you book an adventure with us, we can sort you out with a range of activities on the water and on the mainland. Don’t miss out on our competitive adventure packages, including:

Talk to our skipper to find out the best season to catch your favourite fish.

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