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About South West Rocks Fishing Adventures Company

At South West Rocks Fishing Adventures, we have a passion for our local community and ecology. We’re locals and have been fishing the waters off South West Rocks for decades. We know all the best fishing spots. We’re out watching the fish stocks on the move with the seasons. We always know where to find the action out on the water for our guests, and when we say we’re keepin’ the reels screamin’ there’s a lot we’ve got in mind.

The adrenalin rush that comes with the unmistakable sound of a fish on the end of a line in the deep water just can’t be beaten. We love to share the excitement of a catch with our guests. The thrill of a guest catching the first fish, or the biggest fish, or a new fish just doesn’t get old, and we’re determined to track down our target fish.

We believe that recreational fishing plays a crucial role in the preservation of our local environment. Recreational fishers are among the action and have a first-hand view of fish stocks, movement and breeding success in their native habitat. We contribute to conservation and scientific research by participating in tag and release programs. We use the latest catch-and-release methods to return catches safely to their habitat. We cultivate an appreciation for the diversity of nature and the abundance of life unseen below the waves, so we can keep the reels screamin’ for future generations.

At South West Rocks Fishing Adventures, we’re passionate about fishing and sharing the unbeatable experience with our guests. For more information, check out our packages or book a call with us today.

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